3 Calming Kitchen Ideas for a Fresh Renovation

3 Calming Kitchen Ideas for a Fresh Renovation

It never fails—you spend hours cleaning the rest of the house, and guests just seem to congregate in the kitchen. Arguably the most magnetic—and the most useful—room in the house, the kitchen is where food prep, meals, homework, hangouts, late-night snacks, and everything in between happens. You spend so much time there, it stands to reason you’re going to want to update your kitchen every now and then so that it’s not just as comfortable (and practical) as possible, but a truly pleasant place to hang out.

When you do put in time, money, and temporary inconvenience to remodel, you want the change to be one you’ll be thrilled to live with as long as possible. When designing your new kitchen for longevity, remember that, while kitchen trends tend to come and go and then come back around again (see: built-in dining nooks, adorably retro appliances), soothing, neutral hues never go out of style. Muted tones of brown, beige, and grey can have a calming effect on a home, and may evoke a feeling of being outdoors. They also provide a solid neutral base to work from, allowing you to play around with bolder colors, patterns, textures, and materials as you build your perfect space. Ready to get cooking? Try one of these three recipes for color palettes that are sure-fire crowd pleasers.

Off-White and Metallics

caesarstone riverlet


Having an all-white kitchen is nice. Getting that bright, airy feel with a few extra layers of color for visual appeal is even better. Riverlet, an off-white hue in Caesarstone’s new Pebbles Collection of sustainable nature-inspired surfaces for countertops, has just a touch of honied amber capillaries which add depth, and a honed finish to reflect more light into an already bright space.

To lean fully into that gentle-breeze-on-a-warm-spring-day feel, pair your Riverlet countertops with very on-trend white cabinetry, metallic hardware, and light flooring. Then, be sure to stock your open shelving with clean, monochromatic ceramic dishes. A few well-chosen (and well-cared-for) plants bring in greenery.

Bremen Cabinetry White Painted Birch Shaker-Style Cabinet

Bremen Cabinetry Bremen Cabinetry White Painted Birch Shaker-Style Cabinet

No matter the year, this classic cabinet design will always be in style.

Somerville Cabinet Knob

Rejuvenation Somerville Cabinet Knob

Also available in drawer pulls, the shining aged brass finish of this cabinet knob is eye-catching in a white kitchen.

The off-white color and honed finish of this chic countertop makes any kitchen feel brighter.

"Oak Bluffs" Wide Plank French Oak

Sawyer Mason “Oak Bluffs” Wide Plank French Oak

Knots and a swirled grain bring rustic character to these wide oak planks.

Black and Brown

caesarstone darcrest


If you’re the type who thinks sunny days are sweet, but overcast ones are spectacular, feed your misty, moody side with Caesarstone’s textured black Darcrest on backsplashes and countertops. Darker shades are growing in popularity as homeowners embrace a sophisticated, urban feel, and this stone, with hints of organic ochers and brownish greens delivers.

Pair it with other slate-hued finishes—oxidized metals, patinated concrete, lacquered shelving—and stained woodgrain flooring. Then, bring in just a touch of brightness with brushed hardware in copper or burnished brass. This combo is especially effective when you have—dare to dream—floor to ceiling windows.

Supermatte Black Slab

Semi Handmade Supermatte Black Slab
Credit: Semihandmade

Sleek and modern, these slab-style cabinets prove that black really does go with anything.

Slab Textured Linear Tan Heartwood

Cabinets.com Slab Textured Linear Tan Heartwood

Contrast the black upper cabinets with slab wood doors that have a contemporary feel.

A veil of ochres and brownish greens add interest to this bold black countertop.

Montgomery Chevron Matte Porcelain Wood-Look Floor and Wall Tile

Ivy Hill Tile Montgomery Chevron Matte Porcelain Wood-Look Floor and Wall Tile

Durable and stylish, this chevron porcelain tile offers a unique alternative to wood flooring.

Black, White, and Grey

caesarstone layalite


It’s right here in black and white—an entirely elegant take on the two timeless hues. Layalite, a pure-as-snow stone with grey veining, brings bright contrast as a countertop for black cabinets. On the walls, harmonize the two opposing colors with a grey paint. Select a hue with a warm undertone for a look that feels cozy and inviting.

Piling on other neutrals—consider light oak flooring, glazed white backsplash tiling, and brushed gold hardware—adds visual interest while keeping the overall vibe sleek and sophisticated.

Wish AF-680

Benjamin Moore Wish AF-680

Warm undertones infuse this soft grey, which makes any room feel cozier.

Gentle streaks of grey and ochre bring a subtle pattern to the white countertop.

Black Shaker

Cabinet Select Black Shaker

Now 35% Off

A traditional design goes contemporary with a shining black finish.

French Oak Delano Engineered Click Hardwood Flooring

Malibu Wide Plank French Oak Delano Engineered Click Hardwood Flooring

A wire-brushed finish enhances the natural grain of French Oak hardwood, a durable choice for kitchens and other high-traffic spaces.