300 machines installed | Furniture Production Magazine

300 machines installed | Furniture Production Magazine

“We are pleased to have touched the milestone of the 300th productive set up of Salvamac woodworking equipment in Uk, and, the most crucial issue, I was extremely happy to know the set up went competently and the customer value that the optimising observed by Salvamac is executing additional than predicted,” explained Christian Salvador co-owner of Salvamac.

“A actually big thanks will have to go to our experts in Uk who have correctly installed upcut saws, optimising saws as SalvaPush 2000, crosscutting saws with the prosperous SalvaStop 100 and a good deal of dust extraction devices all more than the United kingdom and Ireland.”

“Thinking of that we have always had the gain of owning extremely rapid supply times, we do not anticipate a fall in turnover for the recent 12 months. In point, we are closing the very first 6 months with a solid growth,” clarifies Christian. “We have to thank the Uk and Eire for the outcomes obtained, in unique, in both most important item ranges comprising technologies from slicing solid wood to suction units.

“Regarding the Uk industry, we have gathered, both equally myself and my mate and partner, Robert Ziemowit, a good deal of practical experience in the subject by browsing a substantial amount of our customers’ factories. We know the particular requests that appear from marketplaces comprising pallet manufacturing, yard furnishing and fencing, window frames, or the whole building marketplace, with no neglecting the resale of semi-completed wood products and customized-designed reliable wood furniture. Salvamac was born from this expertise of about twenty decades, with the intention of getting the meeting issue in between modern-day technology and even an inexperienced conclusion user!”

Robert carries on: “Our staff and our associates in Uk are the motives for these 300 devices we have put in. This triple hundred demonstrates that we are the legitimate chief of cross-slicing options with an superb customer help, expert engineering, and 1st of all, good individuals. We strongly consider in human associations, our client is not a serial range, but an indiviual with particular demands. They need to be happy and delighted with our equipment in get to smile! The people will have to be at the centre of anything!”

SalvaPush 2000 is the Salvamac group’s flagship cross-reducing optimising noticed. The optimising saw, all assembled in Italy, is enormously suited to slash single wood pieces with size optimisation, as perfectly as to slash boards using a prefixed chopping cycle. It can be applied for use in a vary of stable wood current market segments this kind of as windows and doors furnishings beams and houses flooring sofas glue panels and lamellar wooden pallets garden furniture and children’s toys, amongst some others.

The equipment can be very easily integrated with other machinery and data in just a manufacturing unit as it can acquire chopping lists right from the business, and hook up to multi-blade devices or moulders through automatic loading and unloading methods. The instantaneous graphics and a substantial contact screen, complemented with electronic interaction amongst all electrical components, lets effortless and quick details entry.

SalvaPush 2000 arrives with a brand name new software program model easily and wholly workable by anybody, like a Smartphone, with web page graphics and all the ease of knowledge placing of a significant touch display screen, all electronic parts being linked in digital conversation.

What’s more, there are new exceptional mechanical remedies the two for the slicing and the pusher techniques that turn into aspect of the full digital administration of the machine conversation methods, not only within their digital parts, but, over all, towards external IT devices.

The software of Salvapush 2000 in the building ingredient and unique pallet sectors entirely confirms the current developments. The new exclusive mechanical methods are also existing in the two the slicing and pushing programs.

A special process, with a 55-milimetre-wide toothed belt and 33 strips of difficult steel, permits superior precision and capability. The aluminium beam is large and stable at a height of 135mm and with of 120mm, it is mounted in a metal construction in two areas for improved solidity and dependability. The beam is also covered and guarded by a distinctive metal cover. All this ensures a very long machine lifetime with no dust and services concerns.

As opposed to more mature and much more regular reducing techniques, the SalvaPush 2000 has become a cost-slicing device for a big producer. The yield of the wood has amplified about 9%, the range of operators necessary is about 50 percent as opposed to right before, and they no lengthier need proficient operators – chopping can be performed in total basic safety and statistical info can be easily produced.

The chopping range is also complemented by the Typical cutting saws characterised by the 3S of Salvamac’ s philosophy: Solid, Easy and Safe

Stable because they are made and manufactured to get the job done even in tough ailments and of hefty wood. The structure is absolutely created of really hard painted metal, really thick and quite resistant.

Protected many thanks to the two-hand protection management in an ergonomic situation and the blade defense protect that allows to operate in complete security.

Simple for the reason that the relieve of use is increased by the new effective Salvastop 100 machine, the evolution of the numerical handle size positioning and prevent process. It is the real solution to help save labour prices, waste of productiveness and reduce human errors and eventually overlook to use the tape evaluate.