45 Best Bedroom Paint Colors 2023

45 Best Bedroom Paint Colors 2023

We’ll be the first to admit that waking up early and leaving a cozy bed isn’t always that enticing, but creating a bedroom that’s energizing and mood-boosting can make it a whole lot easier (or, at the very least, it’ll be nice to look at!). Since colors and light affect our mood, there’s a strong case for a colorful bedroom, or at least choosing your paint color wisely since it takes up so much surface area. Whether you introduce those pops of color with paint, bedding, or artwork, you’ll find something to emulate in the gorgeous examples of colorful bedrooms below (yes, even for those color-averse readers). Ahead, discover the best bedroom colors organized in rainbow order. We’ll start with red bedroom examples and end with the blues and monochromatic black bedrooms.

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In this warm yet polished bedroom designed by Heidi Caillier, bewitching red walls set a romantic mood. The accent pillow features a more neon shade of red that brightens up the space while still keeping it calm, cozy, and just a touch mysterious.

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High-energy yet calming, bold yet timeless, this jaw-dropping bedroom designed by Brian J. McCarthy is serious goals. For a similar effect, stick to a tight two-color story with the walls in a show-stopping super high gloss paint and your ceiling in a flat white paint. “This finish feels fresh for a guest room, and the surprising pop of color is both warm and chic,” he says.

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Or, reverse the look and opt for bright white walls and bold red bedding, artwork, and floors. The high-impact combo in this bedroom by Anthony Baratta is all the convincing we need.

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Too outrageous? No such thing. Bright bubblegum pink is a fearless choice. In this bedroom by Anna Spiro, it asserts a youthful spirit to balance out the traditional pieces, like the dresser and tight floral patterns.

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If this whimsical bedroom doesn’t make you blush, we don’t know what will. “Exuberantly feminine, yet resolutely chic” was designer Jonathan Berger’s motto for decorating this Brooklyn townhouse. Berger found the suzani on eBay, while and the curvy Venetian-inspired headboard is covered in Nouvelle Orleans, a cut velvet from Clarence House that resembles ironwork but, of course, is much softer to the touch. The antique Napoleon III rope ottoman covered in an Aubusson tapestry adds a French country chic feel to seal the deal.

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Here’s another beautiful bedroom making a strong case for blush. Designed by Chip and Joanna Gaines, one of the primary goals of this home renovation was to honor its historical significance. One of the ways they did so was by preserving the existing fireplaces. In this bedroom, the original fireplace remains, but the room gets a fresh update with pretty petal pink paint. A classic oil painting and antique decor nod to the past while the flower sconce embraces the present.

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“The bedroom gets great light throughout the day, so we wanted to go for a peachy color on the walls that would give it a nice glow with the sunlight,” Ring explains. The bedroom “feels layered in a comfortable way but not too busy—[you] feel very serene when you’re in the room,” Ring says. She also wove some of the client’s existing pieces into the design. The pillow, for example, was custom-made out of one of her old vintage quilts and the plexiglass butterfly artwork brings a tough of whimsy.

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The missing piece for this room was the rug, designer Avery Cox says. It helps tie together the paint colors, a light blue for the walls, and a sort of star-fish orange tone for the moldings and door. Deeper and more saturated shades of blue and yellow as well as ruddier shades of pink help contrast, too.

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Nothing quite radiates like joy like coral (as far as paint colors are concerned, at least). In this bedroom by Nicky Kehoe, it picks up the bright tones featured in the gallery wall while the trimming, which is a darker gray color, reflects the cooler neutrals in the bedding and accents. Under direct light, it appears brighter, while it mimics the more muted shade of terra cotta in dimmer or less direct light.

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Who says beige and cream are boring? Dependable, versatile, warm, and subtle, these neutrals are some of the best paint colors for a bedroom. A super light taupe shade will contrast just enough with crisp bright interiors while also injecting some warmth into the space. It also brings to mind long walks on a sandy beach. Add pops of cheerful colors with decor and throw pillows or keep it classic, as designer Richard Beard did here.

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Take a cue from this bedroom designed by Danielle Colding and match your upholstered headboard to the walls. Here, the studded boarder adds a touch of intrigue but blends right into the beige color behind it for a timeless look.

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A Canadian townhouse’s guest bedroom exudes warmth with terracotta walls. A large, statement piece of art helps break up the dark color. Though brown isn’t exactly the most obvious paint color when decorating a bedroom, this warm nook makes a strong case for it. The fact that it’s unexpected makes it perfect for anyone who likes to experiment with color but doesn’t love bright neons and playful pastels.

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With slightly less of the red clay undertone than the brown paint in the previous room, this color is more calming than it is energizing. Designer Fiona Lynch felt it was perfect for a bedroom. She used Rich Biscuit by Dulux and then mixed in some offbeat accents for an eclectic elegance.

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Designer Peter Dunham created a custom curtain wall and installed bedside sconces to give this small bedroom a regal feel. The mustard accent wall mirrors the upholstered headboard and warms up the room.

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A pale yellow door sets the tone for the warm and neutral bedroom designed by Heidi Caillier. The other door is painted a light sage green tone, while the moldings are given a coat of chocolate brown. Because the colors are kept contained to smaller surface areas, they work together instead of clashing.

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This bedroom proves just how beautiful marigold can look with navy blue and olive green. This sunny shade also works nicely when you incorporate accent pieces with metallic finishes for a glamorous aesthetic. Think bronze pendant lights and stools with interesting frames. These finishes accentuate yellow’s shining personality.

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It’s always a good idea to consult the color wheel at every step of the decorating process. Knowing which colors complement one another will make everything easier, from ideating to shopping, and, of course, living within the final result. A good example of a job well done? This gray and yellow bedroom designed by Juan Carretero. There’s no doubt that yellow represents cheer, so if you want to spread warmth and energy, this is the color for you. You’ll love how the bright striped ceiling brings in a more playful element to the more traditional guest room.

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Designed by Kathryn M. Ireland, these white-painted wicker twin beds are topped with mosquito net canopies for an ethereal touch. The rose-printed canopy toppers offer a slight contrast in pattern but keep the color story consistent, and the yellow walls anchor the entire space.

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Instead of paint, consider lush green upholstery and illustrious wallpaper. Miles Redd makes a strong case for the design combo in this breathtaking and colorful bedroom. De Gournay’s hand-painted silk Sans Souci wallcovering lays the foundation for a bright green paradise to come alive.

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Instead of painting your walls, add a statement ceiling in the bedroom, as the design duo at 2LG Studio did here. It draws the eye up and keeps things interesting. This shade of sage green is also a lovely color that’s at once grounding, calming, and fun.

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“I wanted to create a bedroom full of personality,” designer Jae Joo says of the main bedroom in this Boston Rowhouse. Though classic and understated, the room brims with character thanks to a shrunken photo gallery, curved furniture, and colorful accents. The light gray walls look blue in some lighting and green in others; either way, they’re a welcome departure from the go-to white canvas most bedrooms feature.

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In this cabin designed by Heidi Caillier, the guest bedroom is painted a soothing, nature-inspired shade of green. It’s fitting for the environment, and speaks to all the other accent colors used throughout the space for a nice cohesive whole.

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David Frazier took a moody and earthy approach in his New York City apartment bedroom. While the color (Studio Green from Farrow & Ball) is worth praising, it’s also the texture-rich finish that elevates the walls. “We wanted to showcase the movement in the plaster, so we had the walls painted in a satin finish it gives a certain depth that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve with a flat paint.”

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A matte version of that moody marine hue is also a great option and creates a softer atmosphere. Studio Shamshiri enveloped the entire room in the color, including the ceiling.

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A calming and rich shade of paint inspires rest in this San Francisco bedroom designed by Landed Interiors. If you’re looking for a warmer shade of blue or wondering how to warm up cooler blue, look no further.

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Paint your walls a nice deep shade of navy and then punctuate the depth with crisp white accents and vibrant bedding for a balanced bedroom. In this space designed by Mally Skok, the playful patterns contrast nicely with the deep blue walls, giving the room a touch of levity.

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In a room by Elizabeth Cooper, this steel blue gray paint color brings a posh sensibility to the more whimsical floral details for a nice balance. The color will flatter a variety of styles and designs as bedding and decor are swapped out over the years, too. she used Farrow & Ball’s Hauge Blue.

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High gloss paints are a surefire way to make a bold statement. In this bedroom designed by decorator Alisa Bloom, the rich, liquidy sheen of the finish bounces light around a dark room. She used Fine Paints of Europe’s Delft Blue 4003 in Hollandlac Brilliant to illuminate the entire bedroom.

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Here’s definitive proof that primary colors go together nicely. This bedroom designed by Robin Henry is a breath of fresh air, thanks to the invigorating blue paint—the varying shades of blue throughout the room make it look like it’s glowing.

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Paired with a slightly more pistachio-hued upholstered headboard and a retro-style crocheted coverlet, this bedroom designed by J. P. Horton belongs in the summer getaway home of our dreams. The traditional landscape painting and warm wood side chair ground the space and work beautifully with the mint green paint.

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Though this shade of blue in a bedroom by Ellie Cullman definitely makes a statement, it doesn’t overpower the space nor overwhelm the eye—that’s because it’s consistent and surrounded by classic accents and refined furnishings. We love how it mimics the sky applied ina high gloss on the ceiling.

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A soothing soft blue is a key ingredient for a peaceful bedroom. It adds an ethereal, dreamy quality to every space but also offers a ton of versatility, making it particularly well-suited for the bedroom. The linen bedding and makeshift side table accent chair contribute to that easy, undone elegance.

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This bedroom is a showstopper, but it’s also simple and timeless. And though some may say white is the absence of all colors, we’d argue this one is making quite a statement. In fact, sometimes neutral hues give the space a more timeless and open feel while also allowing other design highlights to stand out more. This bedroom by Tamsin Johnson marries classic architecture with contemporary style and the walls are painted in a pure, cool shade of white that really energizes the entire space.

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If you think crisp all-white interiors look too stark but still like the look and feel of light neutrals, opt for warm oat-y creams or layers of soft, smoky grays. The results are edgy and industrial yet gentle and understated. Take note of this beautiful neutral bedroom designed by Rupp Studios.

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This lavender oasis designed by Cathy Chapman is proof that you can decorate with color while still being understated. Though it’s bursting with shades of lavender, this little nook also exudes a calm, serene energy. The key is to stick to a color story of muted pastels. In this case, the designer worked within a purple spectrum while keeping things interesting with contrasting textures, shapes, and finishes.

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To warm up a bright bedroom without painting all the surfaces something other than classic white, cover one wall in a printed covering and another in a warm, neutral color. In this versatile bedroom designed by Corey Damen Jenkins, the far wall is painted in a light sandy beige hue, marrying the cooler blues, whites, and grays with the warmer wood and cream tones as well as the brass accents.

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Though purple and black don’t seem like the most obvious pair for a grownup, calming bedroom, they actually work together brilliantly here. Kingston Lafferty Design accentuated the purple details in the shelf and bedding with a dusty, gray purple tone and then played up the cooler undertones with sharper black metal accents.

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Window treatments will make a bedroom more comfortable for lazy morning sleep-ins, but if your room is super bright, a deep shade of royal purple on an accent wall like Krsnaa Mehta did here will help absorb light while still adding vibrant personality.

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If you want to keep color from overpowering your space or you simply want to give your room a little more shape, color blocking is your solution. There are plenty of ways to play with this design trend, from more subtle and simple toning treatments to full on murals. This bedroom designed by GRT Architects is somewhere in between. If you like what you see, try painting your paneling and leaving the walls light. Then opt for a low-to-the-ground bed to show it off even more.

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Light Pink and Lavender

A sweet lavender hallway frames the pink floral bedroom beyond for a sweet foundation while the black and white floors, dark mahogany table, and red bedding polish and ground the space by decorator David Kaihoi.

For a thoroughly special bedroom paint color, look no further than this bedroom designed by Atelier ND, where the walls are painted in Pontefract by Paint & Paper Library. The unique hue defies definition (but if we had to try, we’d say it’s a purplish-reddish black)—which is one of the many reasons the design team chose it. The pendants were sourced from an old church and a Vispring bed is upholstered in pink Pierre Frey mohair.

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The blue ombre curtains embolden the romantic ceiling paint and emphasize the purple undertones of the gray base color in this bedroom designed by Janie Molster.

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An ultra pale shade of gray flatters the green and indigo tones in this bedroom designed by Jean Liu. Opt for a similar shade if you’re looking for a subtle neutral that’ll be a little less jarring on the eyes than a bright white.

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And for our final stop on this tour of bedroom colors, we’re presenting you with a whole new world of options: Wallpaper. This bedroom isn’t just a living space, it’s a work of art. Our eyes are immediately drawn to the hypnotizing black painted stripes that trace the architectural DNA of the house itself, beautifully modernizing the bones of the Victorian home decorated by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. The moody, lush throw pillow and end blanket add just a splash of color, which is really all you need in a space like this.

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While we often think of bright whites and crisp, light hues when trying to open up a smaller space, there’s also a strong case for going darker. In fact, inkier tones are known to amplify smaller spaces. Not to mention, it sets the right mood in the bedroom. The soft black paint color in this bedroom makes it feel special and intimate in ways you’d never be able to achieve with a lighter hue.

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