6 shower room design mistakes that experts see too often |

6 shower room design mistakes that experts see too often |

A shower room can – and should – be a sanctuary. But that won’t be the case if yoga moves are required to maneuver into your enclosure, you live in fear of slipping on a wet floor, or you stand under your ‘rain shower’, only to be met with a pathetic dribble of water. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to make shower room design mistakes that lead to the above if you don’t heed the advice of bathroom designers and experts. 

So when you’re putting those shower room ideas on paper, it’s prudent to think beyond the statement tiles and fancy brass fittings. A good bathroom layout could be the difference between shower room success and failure, while not taking into account your water pressure, or skimping on quality, could also land you in design hot water, as our experts explain…

1. Shower door positioning

tiled wetroom with shower and reclaimed washstand

(Image credit: Future/Dan Duchars)

Ever wrestled to get past the cubicle door into your shower? You are not alone. ‘Shower cubicle configuration is an area that needs careful attention when you are designing a bathroom. The positioning and opening of the shower door can have a big impact on the overall bathroom space,’ says Paul Bailey, product management leader at bathroom manufacturer Grohe (opens in new tab). ‘It’s best to ensure the shower door can open freely without impacting other key areas of the room such as the vanity or toilet area.’