How shower tech is driving new era in bathroom design • Hotel Designs

How shower tech is driving new era in bathroom design • Hotel Designs

The bathroom is no stranger to technological innovations and in recent years, such tech advancements have evolved, granting designers and specifiers great opportunities. With solutions now in place to improve personalisation, accessibility, and sustainability and overall user experience, there’s little room to not utilise such options.

​The industry is more aware than ever of its impact on the planet and coupled with the global cost of living crisis and the rising costs of utilities, it’s not surprising that conscious consumption, resource saving benefits, and value for money are being prioritised when it comes to specification.

Many shower systems and showerheads now available are equipped with water-saving technology, such as the GROHE ‘EcoJoy’ technology which couples flow regulating mousseurs and a O2 infused spray with technology that allows equal flow of water from each nozzle in the shower head. As a result, water usage is reduced whilst still guaranteeing a high-performing shower experience. By pairing thermostatic mixers with water-saving showerheads, designers can deliver the best in sustainable showering.

How shower tech is driving new era in bathroom design • Hotel Designs

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With thermostatic technology, thermostatic bar mixers provide precise temperature control and corrects temperature fluctuations within a fraction of a second, meaning water wastage through running the shower while adjusting the temperature is a thing of the past.

Premium thermostats can go a step further to support with eco-friendly benefits. As technology has advanced, there’s now models available that come with an ‘EcoButton’ that allows users to efficiently switch between eco-flow and full-flow, depending on individual preference.

As trends have shifted, the bathroom is now not just considered as the functional room to keep clean but one that can promote personal health and wellness. While we can all recognise and appreciate the benefits of a high-quality shower, what is considered the perfect shower experience varies from one customer to the next and a focus on personalisation is therefore the most effective way to ensure consistent satisfaction.

GROHE Grohtherm 1000 performance thermostatic shower mixer with EcoJoy & EcoButton

Image credit: GROHE

As a digitally connected world, it’s only right that we see digital innovations move into the bathroom and shower market. Many manufacturers have introduced showers that benefit from enhanced personalisation and control thanks to the power of app connectivity and Bluetooth technology. GROHE offers its Rainshower SmartConnect 310 showerhead, a retrofit solution which is Bluetooth connected and comes with a wireless remote control, allowing the user to switch between two luxurious spray patterns. The innovative Bluetooth remote control has up to four years battery life, and being free from mains connection or additional wires, allows it to be placed in any position within the shower cubicle.

Futureproofing hotel designs is also a crucial need when it comes the need of our ageing population and the increase of mutli-generational living. Accessibility and inclusivity are factors that must be considered from the outset of all designs but are particularly of importance for the future of hotels, especially when it comes to the bathroom.

Manufacturers are continuing to focus on thermostats which can balance temperature fluctuations within fractions of a second, as well as providing integrated technology which ensures the outer surface of the mixer stays cool to the touch.

Elsewhere, manufacturers have developed to offer technology that allows users to set a fixed limit for the water temperature. This offers ultimate protection against scalding, giving customers of all generations peace of mind and the freedom to shower independently.

Wet rooms are also becoming an increasingly popular shower design choice, providing more scope for innovation. Alongside the use of large overhead shower heads and responsive wall-mounted body sprays that pop out when the waterflow is turned on, wet rooms have the potential to become a haven of technology with Bluetooth-operated sound, lighting, and steam features for the ultimate shower experience.

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