How to Eliminate Dust From Every Surface in Your Home

How to Eliminate Dust From Every Surface in Your Home

Dust can be nearly poetic—a dust of powder across the cheeks or a dusting of snow on the trees—but the quotidian necessity of how to reduce dust is not. Household dust is designed up of the detritus of our every day lives and everyday selves: filth, soil particles, pollutants, dead pores and skin cells, hair, pet dander, bits of bugs, dust mites, garments fibers, even microplastics that settle on your furniture, into your carpets and curtains, or on lamps and followers. Dust incorporates contaminants and chemicals from the objects in our residences, so it is essential to dust, and dust the correct way. 

But knowing how to eradicate dust is extra than dancing with a feather duster. It is a cleansing activity many people today are doing incorrectly, in accordance to skilled Jeri Fritz, founder and proprietor of Highland Park Housekeeping in Dallas. “The wrong way to dust is to start off on whatsoever floor you see initially, like the dresser or shelf,” she suggests. “The right way is to clean from the major down, such as vents, ceiling supporter, mild fixtures, and artwork, simply because as shortly as the heating or AC turns on, it will blow all that dust around.” 

And really don’t just start at the leading of the home start at the top rated of the dwelling. Koala Eco cofounder Jessica Bragdon claims, “It’s always ideal to get started with the upper rooms and send the dust and clutter downwards.” And generally vacuum up the dust that settles on the floor afterwards. Preserving your dwelling nicely-dusted is essential for your and your family’s health and will make your home look clean up, even if you nonetheless have to declutter a room or two. In this article, 9 places to deal with as you remove dust from your house. 

1. Air vents

Test the vents, and if you see a lot of caked-on dust, get up on a ladder and use a portable vacuum with the round brush attachment to get 99% of dust off the vent. Fritz suggests a Miele vacuum or a superior-top quality HEPA filter vacuum with the spherical brush. Then wipe with a moist fabric. “I would usually advise rags or bamboo cloths about paper towels, for the two inexpensive motives and to have a positive influence on the atmosphere,” Bragdon claims. “And all-natural fiber cloths are desired, as artificial microfiber cloths can release small non-biodegradable fibers that close up in our waterways.” For as soon as-a-calendar year spring cleansing, or if you are emotion really enthusiastic, unscrew the vent and pull out the dust inside. If your air vents are around the flooring, dust them final.

2. Ceiling enthusiasts

These ought to be cleaned when a month, but not with a feather duster or a Swiffer duster. “Swiffer pads include substances , and most feather dusters are low-cost and just move the dust all-around,” Fritz claims. As an alternative, she swears by economical Amazon Standard microfiber cloths. Get up on a ladder and wipe the blades with a damp microfiber cloth. In in between you can use one particular of the dusters with the poles that bend to a 90-diploma angle. 

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3. Curtain cornices, lampshades, and headboard

Lampshades can be frustrating to clean because the dust rolls up. The similar is legitimate of curtain cornices and fabric headboards. To protect against the clinging dust from pilling, Fritz suggests to very first vacuum with a cleanse brush, then run a moist microfiber fabric throughout the area just about every handful of months. For furniture and household decor with nooks and crannies, commit in a dusting brush that can reach the crevices.

4. Window treatment plans

Vacuum blinds and curtains with the smooth-brush attachment on a large-good quality canister vacuum. Be confident to operate it over tops of any valances, or in the draping or folds, as nicely as powering the curtains or blinds. Observe with both a dry or moist cloth for a last wipe-down.

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5. Bookcases and books

Just take anything off the cabinets, then dampen a clean, microfiber towel in warm water and wring out to wipe the cabinets and spines and tops of publications. Use the vacuum’s dust-brush software to get to into limited spots. For a spruce-up dusting, use a brush with all-natural bristles to get into the crevices amongst the spines and on top rated of the guides. Really do not ignore the very best of the bookshelf, the place dust tends to accumulate. 

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6. Kitchen cabinets and prime of fridge

Fritz says this is 1 home men and women overlook to dust. The prime of the refrigerator and tops of the cupboards around your array is wherever the dust mixes with grease and sticks. The buildup can be tricky to clean. You can use simple dish cleaning soap and warm water to wipe them down on a regular basis. Cleaning wipes can also support, as they lure the particles in the mesh of the fabric. Biodegradable L’Avant cleaning wipes might just be the unsung hero of your kitchen. 

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7. Wood household furniture

For the most component, you can wipe all wood home furniture with a clean microfiber towel. Department Fundamental principles The Concentrate multipurpose cleaner can be diluted with water and utilised on wooden espresso tables, dining spaces, and almost everything in between. Alternatively, Koala Eco mild dishwashing liquid with critical oils, also diluted with water, is effective as a organic polish for your wooden home furniture. To feed the wood, you’ll need a light-weight oil. A tiny amount of money of avocado oil will take care of and nourish your wooden, according to Fritz.

8. Delicate furnishings and upholstery

Take cushions outdoors and carefully beat them by hand to clear away dust. If there are stains, check out the care labels ahead of proceeding additional. Use your vacuum’s specialized upholstery and crevice resources to cleanse under seat cushions. Or attempt this TikTok hack that employs a pot lid wrapped in a microfiber fabric. Make a resolution of scorching water and a Tide Pod, then dampen the cloth and wrap the lid. Operate the lid again and forth on the sofa upholstery.  For a deep-clear dusting strategy, steam clean up the sofa (soon after you vacuum up the debris) for a just-like-new end. 

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9. Baseboards 

Initial vacuum the baseboards employing the round brush attachment, as that will pick up most of the dust and get the dirt off. Then abide by with a moist microfiber cloth or a dusting mitt. Think about dusting baseboards at the very least as soon as a week, as they are likely to select up grime swiftly, especially if you have air vents in the flooring. 

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