Karimoku Commons Kyoto is designed as an intimate home

Karimoku Commons Kyoto is designed as an intimate home

It is a traditional mesh of previous and new Kyoto. Picture a tall, slender façade of clear-lined vertical darkish oak slats, minimalist eaves overhanging the avenue, a basic linen noren curtain and a crafted sweep of washed gravel floor flowing into the warmly lit inside.

This is the scene that greets website visitors arriving at Karimoku Commons Kyoto – the 1st Kyoto flagship for Karimoku Furnishings Inc, the acclaimed Japanese wooden furnishings manufacturer (also known for its Karimoku Circumstance Study series of areas, such as the latest Hiroo Residence in Tokyo and Foster Retreat in Martha’s Vineyard).

Karimoku Commons Kyoto: 

Karimoku Commons Kyoto interiors

(Image credit rating: Tomooki Kengaku)

The new setting up, by Keiji Ashizawa Style, blends in quietly to Anekoji Dori, a slender road in the central Nakagyo-ku district, where by it sits on the site of a previous wood machiya, or townhouse.