The best Windows laptop for 2023: top Windows 11 notebooks

The best Windows laptop for 2023: top Windows 11 notebooks

EDITOR’S NOTE: March 2023

We’ve got a new favorite Windows gaming laptop, folks! Dell’s Alienware m17 R5 AMD Advantage is a bombastic, uber-powerful laptop with the same classic Alienware design. It replaces last year’s Razer Blade, which is still great

Windows 11 might not have reached the heights of popularity enjoyed by its predecessor, but it’s steadily maturing into an excellent, versatile operating system. The laptops on this list will come with Microsoft’s latest OS if you buy them new, but there’s always the option to ‘revert’ back to Windows 10 if the change feels a bit much.

– Christian Guyton, Computing Editor

The best Windows laptop should offer the perfect balance between performance and versatility. These machines can handle your most basic everyday computing tasks, but many of them also have the processing power to handle much more intensive workloads – whether that’s powering through 3D rendering or editing 4K video footage.

While we have a lot of love for the best MacBooks and Macs, the simple fact remains that Windows – most commonly Windows 11 and 10, these days – remains the best operating system out there for sheer flexibility, accessibility, and software support. Windows can run a vast array of programs, and you’re not constrained to an app store; if you can download it, you can probably make it work.