The Most Underrated Furniture Items In Terraria

The Most Underrated Furniture Items In Terraria

There are quite literally hundreds of furniture options in Terraria, from classic wooden table sets to sofas made from flesh. Some furniture sets are more common; for example, you will probably have a lot of wooden furniture at the start of the game, as wood is a common material.

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As you progress further, the world of materials will open up. At a certain point, you may be thinking, which furniture pieces should I craft? Here, we are going to look at some of the best and underrated furniture options out there. These may not widely popular, but they are sure to add uniqueness to your Terraria world.


10 Marble Toilet

terraria mable toilet

Crafting Materials:

First up, we have the Marble Toilet. The Marble furniture set is quite popular; it’s sleek, simple, and gives off a fancy vibe. While many players decorate their buildings with the set, the humble toilet can often go forgotten.

Although this is just a toilet, it doesn’t feel like a dirty bowl that sits in the corner of the bathroom. With this marble throne, you can relieve yourself in style, or cause it to spew sewage if that’s what you prefer.

9 Bone Lantern

terraria bone lantern

Crafting Materials:

Next, we have the Bone Lantern. Bone furniture may not be the most versatile, but it definitely has an eerie spookiness, suitable for any dungeon-themed build. Additionally, placing this lantern in a wizard lair will add a creepy aura.

Terraria is filled with cute and innocent pieces of furniture, but items like the Bone Lantern show that behind these simple sets, the game can be quite dark.

8 Pumpkin Bathtub

terraria pumpkin bathtub

Crafting Materials

Like the Bone Lantern, the Pumpkin Bathtub isn’t suitable for every building. There is no denying it looks fun. Imagine taking a nice bath in a giant gourd; what’s not to like?

Interestingly, this large bathtub uses a whopping 14 pumpkins, while just looking like a single pumpkin split right down the middle. Overall, the pumpkin’s colors are muted enough to match with other orgnaic furniture sets in the game.

7 Honey Clock

terraria honey clock

Crafting Materials:

  • 3x Any Iron Bar
  • 6x Glass
  • 10x Honey Block

Honey blocks are made from honey, which is found in the beehive in the jungle, where the Queen Bee resides. Honey furniture requires a special crafting table, called the Honey Dispenser. With it, you can craft a variety of honey-themed furniture.

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Most of the furniture looks honey-based, but the Honey Clock looks perfectly minimal with a gold-like appearance. If you can’t find the elusive Golden Clock, then the honey version makes a great substitute.

6 Martian Astro Clock

terraria martian clock

Crafting Materials:

  • 3x Any Iron Bar
  • 6x Glass
  • 10x Martian Conduit Plating

Speaking of clocks, we have the Martian Astro clock next. This clock is far from subtle; it looks like an orb-shaped alien with long, metal legs. It’s definitely not suited for every building style, but it shouldn’t be pushed to the side just yet.

As a clock, it displays the time if you are nearby, but it can also look like a glass orb (perhaps holding a potion) on a metal stand. Although it’s sci-fi in nature, you have the power to change its true purpose.

5 Meteorite Chest

terraria meteorite chest

Crafting Materials:

  • 8x Meteorite Brick
  • 2x Any Iron Bar

Most chests in the game look like a chest. There is a clearly defined lid and oftentimes, a latch that you can see. This chest, on the other hand, looks very different. The orange-red sphere on the top makes this chest stand out from the rest.

Rather than using the Meteorite Chest just for storage, you can use it as decoration. The colors blend together with other sets as well, like the obsidian set found in the Underworld.

4 Crystal Candle

terraria crystal candle

Crafting Materials:

  • 8x Crystal Block
  • 1x Torch

Sometimes, you just want a simple piece of furniture. This is where the Crystal Candle comes in handy. Not only is this candle cute in the game, but it would look great in the real world too.

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The crystal is unique, while not being too obnoxious, making it a great addition to any room. When turned on, it becomes slightly pinker as well, giving the room a warm feel.

3 Boreal Lamp

terraria boreal lamp

Crafting Materials:

  • 1x Ice Torch
  • 3x Boreal Wood

Boreal furniture is quite easy to make, as boreal wood is relatively common in the snowy biome. Staying true to the wood’s roots, the Boreal Lamp gives off a blue light.

The base of the lamp is a beautiful carved wooden pillar, with a small blue flame at the top. Blue lighting may be strange at first, especially if you are used to yellow-toned lights, but it can add variation to buildings within your main base.

2 Steampunk Sink

terraria steampunk sink

Crafting Materials:

The Steampunk set is another popular furniture type. What are the chances that you’ve made yourself a sink though? Like toilets, sinks aren’t really prioritized, but it’s time to think again.

The Steampunk Sink looks like it’s been taken straight from a ship. Along with other pieces from this set, the Steampunk Sink can blend flawlessly into a room with multiple themes.

1 Generic Chandelier

Generic Chandelier terraria

Crafting Materials:

  • 1x Chain
  • 4x Torch
  • 4x Bar

    • The material depends on the bar type used

Lastly, we have the generic chandelier. Typically, progression in Terraria is met with upgrading and replacing furniture. The normal chandelier will always remain relevant though. This light source comes in six variations, as shown above. With these colors, you can match the general theme of the room.

Additionally, the generic chandelier is quite practical. It gives off a decent amount of light and won’t look too pathetic while hanging from the ceiling of a large room, like other hanging lights.

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