This Woman Gave Her Microwave a Makeover and the Result Is Gorgeous

This Woman Gave Her Microwave a Makeover and the Result Is Gorgeous

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If there’s one thing we love here at The Kitchn, it’s a new decorating trend. Whether it’s trying fun wallpaper on our kitchen walls or finding a way to infuse the Barbiecore colors into our homes, we can’t get enough of the creativity that comes with each trend. And after the recent viral fridge decorating trend that we covered, we’re now all inspired to decorate our kitchen appliances. 

While many of us are still trying to get the perfect setup for our fridges, if you’ve already nailed the look that suits you, there’s a new trend in town that needs to be on your radar. And this time, it has to do with your microwave. 

TikTok user Sophie Lopez of @towngirlcountrygirl recently shared her microwave makeover and the results are stunning. Using custom-designed vinyl wrap by Get Kooky, Lopez took her simple microwave and transformed it into a conversation starter, with viewers ready to wrap their entire kitchens. “I want to do my fridge, microwave, and freezer now 😍,” one user said in the comments. 

It all started when her old microwave stopped working and she received one from her grandparents. Lopez, who’s known for her colorful and eye-catching designs on TikTok, wanted to take the basic appliance and give it more personality.

First, she designed a custom vinyl in Canva (named “Crystals n Chains vinyl) that features illustrated elements and sent a mockup to the folks at Get Kooky. She then measured out how much she would need for each side of the microwave before using a squeegee to apply. At this stage, it’s very important to not cover up the vents, leaving these spaces vinyl-free. The good news, however, is that this wrap is heatproof and won’t budge as you use your microwave. 

Now if you’re into this decor and want to try it yourself, as Lopez notes, there are some helpful tips to keep in mind. To start, you’ll want to use a hair dryer around bumpy areas and corners to loosen up the glue of the vinyl wrap and make it more pliable to the surface. Next, if you spot any air bubbles, simply prick the spot with a needle and use a squeegee to smooth it down. And finally, use a sharp knife to carefully cut off and trim the edges. 

To wrap up this project, Lopez made a lovely frame for the door of the microwave using the rest of the vinyl wrap. She carefully measured out four rectangular pieces and used an Exacto knife to trim off any excess. 

With results this beautiful, the time invested makes it all worth it. Feeling up for trying it at home? Let us know how it goes in the comments.