West Jefferson property transfers Feb. 24 to March 2, 2023 | Home/Garden

West Jefferson property transfers Feb. 24 to March 2, 2023 | Home/Garden

Below is a compilation of properties sold in West Jefferson Parish from Feb. 24 to March 2. Data is compiled from public records.


Transfers for Feb. 24 to March 2


Blanche Drive 148: Jade Lopez to Michael K. Fulks II, donation, no value stated.

S. Tish Drive 132: Gary J. Collins Sr. and Stacy C. Collins to Fredrick E. Joseph and Toniann L. McKnight, $205,000.

Travis Drive 345: Cierra Smith to Willie Smith Jr., donation, no value stated.

Ursula Drive 141: SJC Crescent Holdings LLC to Jenbis LLC, $60,000.

Valentine Drive 136: Edwin C. Zeron and Asianeed N. Cantillano to Kinnith Holloway, $37,000.


Jenic Lane 1031: Kenneth R. Herbert Sr. to Sixth Street revocable living trust, $135,000.

Queen Bess Bay subdivision, lot 48: John W. Victory and Nina S. Victory to Elrod Investment Properties LLC, $950,000.


Carmen Lane 120, Unit RU-26: Grand Isle Marina Acquisitions LLC to Moyer Ventures LLC, $250,000.

Cheniere Caminada, portion of ground: Gwendolyn Morvant McInnis to David J. Arceneaux and Stephanie M. Arceneaux, donation, no value stated.

LA. 1 1851, Unit 13: Grand Isle Marina Acquisitions LLC to John W. Clouatre and Vickie S. Clouatre, $375,000.


Adee Lane 616: Lena M. Delger to Zachary R. Kael and Logan F. Kael, $305,000.

Carlisle Drive S. 2724: Robert A. Morgott and Annabelle Shipman Morgott to Jimmy Saad LLC, $232,000.

Commerce St. 117: Dennis M. Necaise and Danna L. G. Necaise to David Glaeser and Brenna L. Glaeser, $360,000.

Creagan Ave. 89: Darryl D. Burger to Precious J. Johnson, $165,000.

Firethorn Drive 265: David Cochran to Leonard Family Investments LLC, $167,000.

Lake Lynn Drive 3504: Kevin J. McGann and Renee M. McGann to Tareq S. Ijaq, $437,500.

Mason St. 70: Richard S. Robeson Jr. to Beverly D. Bolotte and Allen J. Bolotte, $147,500.

Ninth St. 1119: Eric Eccles to Manuel L. Mitten Jr., $85,000.

Rose Drive 2616: Bruce H. Landry to Nancy T. Bauman, $60,000.

Town of Gretna subdivision, lot A: Fred M. Beauford and Dutchie M. Callens Beauford to Enrique A. Madrid, $7,500.


Chalmette St. 510: Patricia A. B. Williams and Alvin A. Miller to 510 Chalmette LLC, $78,000.

Deerlick Lane 2217: Maguerite W. Avery to Sabrina A. Monix, $10,000, donation.

Estalote Ave. 1607: Charlotte D. Edwards and Alvin Edwards to Wayne Gayden, $52,500.

Estalote Ave. 1720: Marleen Frisco Wilson to Adam Isa’s Properties LLC, $32,000.

Hampton Drive 2252: Jarrod Q. Ceasar Sr. to Kianta Magee Ceasar, donation, no value stated.

Harvey Canal, lot F-5-C2: Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church of Harvey to Jesus Unity Church, $100,000.

Lac La Belle Drive 2020: Zachary Dennis to Zaina Salem LLC, $138,800.

Lake Lynn Drive 107: Claude White and Denise L. White to Rita R. Sadhwani, $105,000.

N. Harper Drive 2319: J and M Real Estate Investors LLC to Issac Cheatham Jr. and LaChasity B. Cheatham, $358,000.

Oakmere Business and Office Park subdivision, lot 43A, square B: 4023 Paxton St. LLC to CWP Holdings LLC, $154,000.

Orange Blossom Lane 1172: Toosweetpublishing Productions LLC to Diamond Investors Group LLC, $37,000.

Orchid Drive 1513: Keith P. Pollet Sr. to Norman Fay and Janel Culmo, $177,450.

Third Ave. 551-53: Lauren N. W. Vancamp to Joshua R. Tomblin, $140,000.

Timbers Drive 2216: Hayyan Alderr and Habib Alderr to George A. Melancon and Shelly Hall Melancon, $275,000.


Jean Lafitte Blvd. 1170: Alaina Turlich to Randy L. Bergeron, $100,000.

Jean Lafitte Blvd. 965: Harry W. Guyllette and Jannie Scioneaux Guyllette to Robert R. Verdin Jr., $45,000.


Augustine Lane 3845: Jack A. Glenn Jr. and Rhonda D. Glenn to William S. Walker Sr. revocable trust, $317,000.

Avenue D 850: Eight Street Development LLC to Fifth District Savings Bank, $100 and other valuable consideration.

Cardinal Drive 2740: Kimberlyn U. Froeba to Russell Ribando and Angela Ribando Goyette, $135,000.

Collura Place Extension subdivision, lot 4, square 11: Turn-Key Investments LLC to Mignon Johnson, $151,000.

Crossmoor Drive 4032: Elegant Houses LLC to K&A Homes LLC, donation, no value stated.

Crossmoor Drive 4032: EK Real Estate Fund I LLC to Elegant Houses LLC, $150,000.

Evans Drive 5240: ACL Properties LLC to Christian J. Parnell, $165,000.

Long Branch Drive 2745: VPG Holdings LLC to John Fogu and Meshiella Tria, $299,000.

Manor Heights Drive 1828: Kay M. Adams to Courtney Druilhet, $172,000.

Manor Heights Drive 2041: Standard Mortgage Corp. to Diamond Investors Group LLC, $97,500.

Mather Drive 2049: Della I. Augustin to Raynald Isidore, donation, no value stated.

Oak Forest Blvd. 2700: Leon Walton Jr. and Cassandra Walton to Evan C. Oliver, $250,000.

Pirates Alley 4101: Meith Developments LLC to Joe V. Pham and Kim H. Nguyen, $100,000.

Robinson Ave. 325: John A. Caminita III and Jenna Parria Caminita to Jose R. Martinez, $120,000.

Singleton Drive 6125, 6129: Taurus Robinson to Alvin Gordon III and Dominique M. Gordon, $70,000.

Terrebonne St. 7517: CWABS Inc. Asset-Backed Certificxcates Series 2006-15 to Corey C. Warren, $68,087.

Village Court 2735: Brittany L. Autin Adams to Jeremiah Jones and Kaitlin O. Bastien, $280,000.

Wellington Drive 1812: Johnson Nguyen and Thom P. Nguyen to Melquin P. Mendez and Estephany Tejada, $199,000.


Oakwood Drive 653: Tranessa M. Hunter to Hector L. Polinario and Anairys M. Diaz, $230,000.


E. Terran Lane 9528: Coast Builders LLC to Kim M. Riley, $356,500.


Ave. B 309: Tammy Grant to St. Vincent Ferrer LLC, $87,500.

Ave. E 555: Phyllis C. Clements to Alexis McCurdy, $160,000.

Central Ave. 1174: Philip J. Sprunk Sr. and Cynthia H. Sprunk to Brandon Myres Jr. and Taylor D. Kuylen-Myres, $220,000.

Helis Drive 336: Osman M. Herrera to D’Anna N. Stith and Merlin H. Walker III, $150,000.