West Jefferson property transfers for Feb. 16-23, 2023 | Home/Garden

West Jefferson property transfers for Feb. 16-23, 2023 | Home/Garden

Below is a compilation of properties sold in West Jefferson Parish from Feb. 16-23. Data is compiled from public records.


Transfers for Feb. 16-23


Ursula Drive 141: Earl E. Pertuit and succession of Karen A. Pertuit to SJC Crescent Holdings LLC, $45,000.


Blanchard Lane 106: Elyod Construction LLC to Colby Aucoin, $65,000.

Cheniere Caminada subdivision, portion of ground: Atha M. Eschete to David C. Reynerson and Lydia P. Reynerson, $23,000.

Drake Lane 5001: Tracy M. Laird and Jeremy M. Laird to Charles A. Braud II, $270,000.

Susie Lane 115: Rene J. Vegas and Dodie G. Vegas to Jared Pennison and Renee V. Pennison, donation, no value stated.


Amelia St. 632: Jessica C. Soliman and Jan Lorenz V. Soliman to Kasie L. Banks, $398,950.

Claire Ave. 1846: Gerald C. Bladsacker Jr. to Jaswinder Kaur and Pakhar Singh, $144,500.

E. Marlin Court 572: Zeferina Vazquez Faget to James A. Williams, donation, no value stated.

Fairfax Drive 701: A. To Z. Holdings LLC to Benital Bien-aime and Yvose C. Rodrigue, $90,000.

Gladstone Court 700, Unit 109: Tracy Fadaol Barrilleaux to Angelique C. Thomas, $207,000.

Green Oak Drive 1929: SKSS Properties LLC to Kevin Brighton, $280,000.

Hamilton Oaks subdivision, lot 20: Ariane M. Youngblood to Moneer M. Issa, $105,000.

Smith Way 45: Succession of Juliet Haber Greenberg to Zackory Wood and Brianna Cole, $340,000.

Tulip Drive 9: Succession of Gloria Curet Jee to Elmer Z. Maldonado, $85,000.

Westside Drive 2420: Jessica A. Bramhall and Jeremy J. Bramhall to Yasairy Terrero, $269,000.


Chalmette Ave. 417: Penny Dufrene Banks and Murphy J. Banks to Ricardo J. M. Sanchez, $65,000.

Eastview Drive 2561: Freeman Homes LLC to Yolanda Jones Mason, $205,000.

Fos Ave. 510: Marc A. Albarado to Veronica M. Garcia and Fadra C. Ussery, $110,000.

Kensington Gardens subdivision, lots 2, 3, square F: Ken M. James and Pamela Jones James to LJT Investments LLC, $380,000.

Lake Lynn Drive 57, Unit 57: Sarah Yaisomanang to Rita R. Sadhwani, $125,000.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 25A, square 145: Sai Deva LLC to DHG MSYHV LLC, $100 and other good and valuable consideration.

South New Orleans subdivision, lots 36A, 41A, square 136, lot 5A, square 135: Independent Diving Services LLC to 7 Heavens LLC, $265,000.


Allo Ave. 455: Troy L. Williams to 455 Allo LLC, no value stated.

Ave. A 1119, 1121: Jab Land LLC to Scout D. Vidrine, $96,000.

Ave. A 608: Van P. To to Rachael R. Hiden, $240,000.

Ave. A 634: NICSAN Properties LLC to Stacey M. Hall, $145,000.

Basie Drive 2025: B&S Investors LLC to Yessika K. C. Ramos, $100,000.

Highland Drive 5032: Quang S. Nguyen and Yen T. Bach Nguyen to Emily L. Dematteo, $155,000.

Highland Drive 5152: Carolyn Fisher McDonald and Jerry I. McDonald to Chelsie Moreau and Austin Q. Moreau, $134,000.

Michael St. 537: HRP Management LLC to Reginald Hairston and Quanessis Ricks, $37,500.

Mill Grove Lane 4837: Justin W. Crawford and Brittney L. R. Crawford to Matthew Vining and Brittany K. Vining, $380,000.

Raptor Lane 2216: Team Levu LLC to Van P. To and Tran N. Luu, $460,000.

Robinson Ave. 520: Gunderson Homes Inc. to RCPH LLC, $57,500.

Silver Lilly Lane 1465: Succession of Ralph F. Pierre Sr. to Ruth Washington, $123,600.

Swathmore St. 5020: Todd Sisung to Huassin Ghanim, $65,000.

Victoria Drive 2708: Jaime S. Abadie and Brad J. Abadie to Stanley Vinet Jr., $168,250.

Waters Drive 2044: Roosevelt Stevenson to Mahogany Q. Stackhouse, $150,000.

Westminster Park subdivision, lot 1, square 21: Phillip W. Dziubla to Brad Dodd and Kelly Dodd, $160,000.

Westwood Drive 1220: David Blanchet and Tinashe B. Blanchet to Travis A. White and Cristina C. White, $203,000.


Dover Lane 554: Phuong T. Nguyen and Thuy T. T. Nguyen to Delmis N. L. Rivas, $200,000.

Terry Parkway 572: 536 Terry Parkway LLC to Bradley Miller, $75,000.


E. Keri Lane 9525: Coast Builders LLC to Jerome Brown Jr., $459,900.

River Road 6221: Alexis V. Zeringue to Peter Skinner, $85,000.

Smoklin Lane 881: Candace A. M. Artberry to Shaun D. Ferguson and Brandy P. Isidore, $445,000.


Central Ave. 638: Ulysses T. Melanson to Bira LLC, $80,000.

Emile Ave. 516: Jerome Brown Sr. and Lynette Brown to Alonzo A. Booth III, $168,000.

Keller Ave. 720: Kinley’s Tool Supply LLC to Geraldine Duffourc Bourgeois, $215,000.

Latigue Road 381: GMFS LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, $154,334.

Oak Ave. 900: Micharl G. Woodbury Jr. to David L. Rivas, $60,000.

Salaville subdivision, lot B: Foret Five LLC to Cambeaux LLC, $300,000.

Westwego Heights subdivision, lot 28A: Succession of Harry J. Atwood Jr. to Scott J. Atwood, donation, no value stated.